Taste The Tea & ABI blogger present – ABI: Mind, Body & Soul

Taste The Tea & ABI blogger present – ABI: Mind, Body & Soul

Today commences Action for Brain Injury Week. It is an important week where people such as me, the victims of ABI and TBI, get to raise as much awareness as possible about the subject. The subject of brain injury is often overlooked in many ways. The disabilities that come as a consequence are life changing and the effect it can have on your mind and mental health issues that can manifest themselves are just as potentially debilitating. Very it can feel as though we are on our own. Outpatient services are not in place to tackle brain injuries appropriately. It can feel as though the recovery methods we are told to try by doctors are ineffective or not suited to your personality. When we feel as though we are getting nowhere, however much support we receive at home (which is so important by the way), we can feel alone and that nobody understands or cares how much of an impact TBI’S and ABI’s make is and how life changing they are to patients.

Lifting Our Spirits

Having said that, situations and opportunities present themselves sometimes that help to lift our spirits. After an ABI or TBI there is a feeling of solitude and loneliness that can become overwhelming. So when someone reached out to me, a fellow writer who and recognizes the importance of highlighting the disability that changed my life forever, I couldn’t help feel uplifted and a little revitalized.

ABI: Mind, Body & Soul

Between us, Chelsea writer of @TastetheTeaBlog (http://www.tastethetea.co.uk) and I have produced a mini-series of blogs, both of us using our own particular skill sets and expertise, to think of alternative treatments that are more based around lifestyle and health choices than they are based around medicine.

There will be a new post posted each day on my WordPress blog https://lifeafterabraininjurydotorg.wordpress.com. Within each post will be advice, tips and general information about keeping yourself healthy in mind body and soul. I believe that there is a lot more to ABI recovery than just prescribed rehabilitation and recovery programs and methods.



The mind section will be an important part of the series. Each new post will contain a new discipline; a new method of thinking that can benefit you when it comes to your state of mind. These disciplines can help with anxiety, depression and with the many other similar issues that often manifest themselves in the mind post-brain injury. My hope is that people reading the posts will be able to master the techniques and use them to good effect leading to better day-to-day experiences as we live our every daily lives.



This section will focus on the things we put into our body and what we do in terms of exercise can affect us, the way we feel physically, the way our mind feels and the fact that when your body feels good it goes a long way to making your mind feel good. Each day will provide some useful information and tips on health such as diet and exercise, as well as providing a different herbal tea (green and herbal teas provide anti-oxidants and other vitamins and nutrients which cleanse the body and help to protect it from cellular damage).



The final component of what makes up these blog posts is an intangible one; fulfilling the soul. I know that for a long time after my brain injury I felt as though nothing would ever fill me up again. That nothing would give me that warm feeling in my heart and that feeling of contentedness. I have found that trying to help others is providing me with fulfillment. The final section of each blog is about trying to restore balance to that part of you, the part deep inside that no one can touch.

How Will It Go Down With You?

I hope that you will join me for this weeklong journey. I’m not sure how people who read my other posts will receive it but I think it will be a different type of blog with different content. We hope that it can help people think outside the box a little more and find alternative ways to find solutions to their problems